How Do You Do Devotions?

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I've been mailing and asking friends regarding their devotions and hopefully i'll begin to post a few of these weekly soon. For now here are the 3 questions i'm asking, feel free to answer them in the comments and i'll post them as part of the series.

My reasoning behind this is basically that I think seeing how other people spend time in God's Word, meditating on it and praying over it can be a great help. I'm not someone to say that any particular way is best, different methods suit different people best. The main thing is that we are doing something.
I remember Piper saying that there's no guarantee that by reading the Bible we'll grow as a Christian, but it is 100% guaranteed that if we don't read the Bible we will not grow.

Talk us through your daily devotions (Bible reading, meditation, prayer) and the method/pattern/resources you use?

Why bother reading the Bible and spending time studying it?

Can you share an example of how this has led to an experience of Christ?