How Do You Do Devotions : Tim Millen

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 I think seeing how other people spend time in God's Word, meditating on it and praying over it can be a great help. I'm not someone to say that any particular way is best, different methods suit different people best. The main thing is that we are doing something.

I remember Piper saying that there's no guarantee that by reading the Bible we'll grow as a Christian, but it is 100% guaranteed that if we don't read the Bible we will not grow.
Tim Millen serves at Revival Movement Association as well as being a very active member of his church and because he replied within about 10 minutes of me sending the questions i'm posting his response up first.

What resources or pattern do you follow for your morning devotions?
The pattern I follow for morning devotions is to start at Genesis and read through the entire Bible. This could mean anything from one to maybe four or five chapters in a morning. I don't concern myself with trying to complete the bible in one year or anything like that. I try to understand it as I read and take it at my own pace. I underline verses that interest me, and then I copy these verses by hand into a journal for that particular day. Then I study those few verses in more detail and ask the Lord to teach me more about Himself through them. Then I will write down what I have gleaned and oftentimes write a prayer in response to what God has taught me. 

 Can you share an example of how this has led to an experience of Christ?
It's hard to single out one experience of Christ because each day I am pleading for more of His Holy Spirit to take control of my life. I'll send a photo of today's page from my journal as an example. I think that explains what I mean better than I could put into words.

Why bother reading the Bible and spending time studying it?Because I love the Lord and I want to hear His voice to me every day.