Why We Don't Read The Bible / Or Why We Struggle

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I was listening Dr Mike Reeves talk about Scripture last week and one thing he said provoked me to think and mention it in conversations which led to discussions.

He reckoned that the biggest reason we don't read our Bibles is because we approach it with a 'me' motive:

What does God want ME to know?
What should I do?
How does this apply to ME?

When in actual fact the entire book is not about us, it is about Jesus and should draw our focus off us and onto Him. Yes it has lessons for us and addresses us in many ways but our motive for opening the book ought not to be about 'me' but about knowing Him of whom it is all written.

One of my friends was pretty strong in his explaination of why people struggle to read the Bible and reckons it is because they are not saved. Harsh? Maybe? But it's worth considering.

What are your thoughts on why we dont read our Bible?