Biblical Manhood - The True Man's Man

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Chatting to a friend and his atitude in life made me consider how we as men should really be. Forget the arrogant (or is it 'self confident') and swagger and the coolness and the bravado 'do what we like' approach to life that we have held up to be examples of what dudes are expected to be like.

1 Timothy 3:2-7 gives a better benchmark:

He must be:
Above reproach
A faithful husband
Able to teach
Not a drunkard
Not violent but gentle
Not quarrelsome
Not greedy
He must manage his home life well and with diligence
His children should be examples in obedience (i'd add; because he's a good dad, not from fear)
Mature in the Christian faith
Non-christians should think well of him

Of course this speaks mainly to elders within the church, but surely it if God's benchmark for every man to have this as his masculine goal. . .