But That Country's Closed To The Gospel

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I type this mid way through packing a container full of tracts, gospel booklets and Gospels. It's heading to a people group from a country that is known for being closed to the Gospel.

Just letting that sink in to my own mind is exciting. A LOT of people who live where they cannot openly hear the Gospel from an evangelist; where a missionary may never arrive, will, in their own language be able to read about the grace and love of Jesus Christ towards them!

Wow - and we're talking hundreds of thousands of items of Gospel literature here.

That's all the details i'll give and maybe more than i'm allowed to give. But it's something we can pray about. A closed nation is receiving the Gospel as God does not obey closed doors.


Linda said...

I really like your comment "God does not obey closed doors." He certainly doesn't, thankfully. Hope it went well for you.