What Drove Tyndale To Want Everyone To Be Able To Read The Bible?

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Tyndale died in order to translate the Bible into English with a view that it should be available in the common language. So what drove him? What made him tick this way?

"God worketh with his word, and in his word: and when his word is preached, faith rooteth herself in the hearts of the elect; and as faith entereth, and the word of God is believed, the power of God looseth the heart from the captivity and bondage under sin, and knitteth and coupleth him to God and to the will of God; altereth him, changeth him clean, fashioneth, and forgeth him anew; giveth him power to love, and to do that which before was impossible for him either to love or do; and turneth him unto a new nature, so that he loveth that which he before hated and hateth that which he before loved; and is clean altered, and changed, and contrary disposed; and is knit and coupled fast to God's will, and naturally bringeth forth good works, that is to say, that which God commandeth to do, and not things of his own imagination." [William Tyndale]

Tyndale knew that the primary means of grace; that way by which God's Spirit works in our lives is through the Word of God. He read that "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" and took it literally.
It is interesting that once Tyndale left for Europe he didn't preach. He devoted himself to giving the people direct access to the Bible so they could read, study and discuss it themselves. In trust that God would ignite a fire in their hearts through it.