Worship 247 - maybe?

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I'm not sure if any of you guys who read my blog were at any of these weekends. We had 3 of them and a few nights. Over the years people keep asking if we'll do them again. Recently a friend who wasn't at them was party to a conversation about them and has asked a few times if we'd consider doing one.

Here's what I would say my thoughts are concerning the past 247 events:

Concerning Worship 247 - we were like kids who had a notion of meeting Jesus, we gathered, prayed, preached & sung as means of worship and God was pretty pleased to humor our immaturity with Himself much like how a dad humors his children's games. We experienced Him in ways many of us had never experienced before (and haven't since).

Here's to those Jesus used in those events - Simon, Kitchy, Sam, Tim, Bolty, Deco, Kerry, John. You led us in the Word and in response through music, But it was Christ who was most prominent. 

Anyone feel like going back to childishness?