Insanity & Devotions

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I'm halfway through week 4 of the Insanity workout program (you can read more here). It's name says it all and while I would encourage you google for some reviews, I will refrain from saying too much about it other than it involves a pool of sweat, a lot of physical effort and a lot more mental effort to push you on.

The main result that i'm seeing is that I have a lot more energy through the day (and i mean a lot). Sure i'm in pain and my muscles are stiff most of the time but that's a small price to pay since i've avoided exercise from birth.

I'm not seeing the physical change i'd love to see but then I haven't been overly strict about keeping to a diet opting for cutting down on chocolate & junk as well as drinking more water than coffee, rather than a full on diet. Again i'm only week 4 so I'm pretty hopeful that visible change will come in the next few weeks

 It's hard, It's painful and it takes a lot of determination to do each evening. A great example for anything that will bring change to our lives: Devotions and Bible Study are the same! In most of us there is a tendancy to long for the couch and the TV rather than the Word and Prayer. But it is in constant effort in these areas that we will begin seeing a lot of changes in our lives. As my physical strength and energy levels have increased with insanity, so too our strength to follow hard after Christ and stand against temptation will increase as we spend time in the Bible seeking to know Him.

I wish I could offer some 45 minute devotional that will bring us closer to Christ in 60 days, I mean I could and it would probably sell like crazy. But the honest fact is that to simply sit down asking the Spirit of God to work in us as we study the Bible (even if visible change is slow), we will not fail to be built up in our faith.
It just takes time and a lot of effort.