Help - I Shout At My Kids . . . A quick thought

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Yep, I can not deny it, I raise my voice to my children at times . . . OK a fair bit.
Usually I set in my mind that i'm not going to, but after infinitely telling them to not do something, or to do something (whichever the case may be) the only way that their ears seem to connect the words from my mouth to them; is when I raise the decibel and give a holler at them.
I don't want to be grumpy day or party pooper dad, but sometimes it's the only way to get heard.

I was just the same, the number of times my parents had to shout to grab my attention was probably abnormal. And you know what i'm the same today in regards to my Heavenly Father.
He speaks to me through His Word, i nod in agreement, shout amen and then go do the very sin spoken against or else I fail to do that which He asked of me.

I'd love my kids to listen without me having to raise my voice, but maybe I should take my own advice and listen to God . . . before He has to raise His voice into my life.