Footy Vs Sex and Footy wins the headlines in N. Ireland

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Gotta hand it to football, it has ruffled more feathers in N Ireland today than anything else with the announcement that N I. will play a Sunday match - shock, horror. . .

It seems everywhere you look on Facebook or Twitter this is the main topic of discussion with MPs calling for it to be moved and everyone jumping on the bandwagon . . .

Yet further down the headlines in much smaller writing you'll find (on the Belfast Telegraph) the announcement that a sex club is coming to Belfast -

Maybe the voices against this have been eclipsed by the football, but so far I haven't read any articles from MPs or anyone else for that matter calling for it to be moved . . .

A Bigger Issue.
Whether people play football on a Sunday or visit orgy parties the issue is not simply about getting them to fall into our moral code of conduct, it is about them coming to know Jesus. We can make people moral & obedient to our rules all we want, but unless Jesus changes their heart they will still die and go to a lost eternity.
That's the real issue - first and foremost bringing the Gospel to lost people so that Jesus can save them from their sins.

What's our outcry today?
Do we cry out concerning the Church's loss of authority as we no longer live in Christendom, or do we reach out with the Gospel?
I'm not saying we shouldn't speak out against sin, but we must get our priorities right. In highlighting these two issues i'm more thinking of how one takes priority above the other in our country. I think this in itself highlights how we need to prioritize the preaching of God's Word and the Gospel's place in reaching the lost.