The P.R. Stunt vs Knowing Christ

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"It's not about __[Fill in the blank]__ anymore, it's all about your P.R."

We have always been more concerned with the aesthetically pleasing than the useful or quality of something. I guess this goes back to the garden when the forbidden fruit was pleasing to the eyes even though there was a huge warning about the destruction it would bring.

I was taking promotional photographs a few days ago when one of the clients said " know it's not about how good you are at your job anymore, it's all about your P.R."

To cut a long line of thought short, i ended up considering P.R. in the life of a Christian. Are we putting forth an image, an advertisement of how great we walk with Christ and how Christian we are when we really aren't doing that well? Is our P.R. the bulk of our effort or is our walk with the Lord - have we become more concerned with how we are perceived by others than with knowing & loving Jesus?

Could it be said that it's not about Jesus anymore, it's all about our P.R?

[I know i need to repent of this and become more concerned with knowing & loving Jesus more and more than i am about how people think i do . . .]