Culcavey: A reminder i'm getting older

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I grew up in a part of Hillsborough called Culcavey. All of my childhood was there and now i've moved back with my wife & kids, just across the st from my parent's house. I know, i know, i'd have never in a million years seen myself going back...

I watch my kids going up and down the street and knocking about on their bikes etc and think of my years doing exactly the same thing in the same place, just a few years ago.

Except, every time I bump into one of the neighbours i'm reminded it wasn't just a few years ago.
(Get ready to slowly read the next bit)

Many of the parents of the kids I knocked about with still live there, and I realize that i'm the age they were when I was a child and that in a few short years my son & daughter will watch their kid's playing and i'll be the age my parent's are now. . .

I'm getting old, my kids are growing up, i've only a few short years to get the kindling of God's truth into their lives and pray that the Spirit of Christ ignites it. And at the same time pray that it gets reignited in my life.