The Pope is 'Maybe' antichrist . . .

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I know that not everyone agrees and i'm not entirely sure how strong i'd go on this myself; but Jesse Johnson reminds us that:

“Our age is an ecumenical one, and thus it is likely that many are ignorant of the fact that until about 50 years ago, most Protestant leaders viewed the Pope as the anti-Christ.”

i'd maybe replace 'the' with 'an'.
Strangely i feel the need to clarify that i do believe some within the catholic church are believers. However i strongly disagree with the teachings of this religion in regards to mass, confessions, purgatory, praying to Saints & Mary; and the notion that tradition is of equal authority to the Word of God.

Typical reformed guy eh?
Anyway - Jesse's post is worth the read

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Joel said...

... most Protestant leaders viewed the Pope as the anti-Christ.

The ones who view him that way may not be a majority anymore, but those who do, really emphatically do.

I ascribe a lot of the change in attitude to John Paul II, who made it a priority to find common ground with Protestants wherever he could. It's hard to call a man the antichrist when he's behaving like you wish your own pastor would. :)

It'll be interesting to see how this pope relates to the separated brethren. He seems like a humble sort who won't take offense at being called an antichrist.

Gary Boal said...

Hey Joel, hope all's well with you

You know you guys are always welcome to come over and join us, lol!

There's probably enough work to be done by this pope without worrying about us protestants. It'll be interesting to watch how he responds in a number of areas.

I don't mean that in a harsh way; just i have many catholic family who are very dismayed at the moment with everything of the past few years. And get the feeling from talking to them that there's a bit of ground work to be done by the whole catholic church

we visited the Vatican over the summer and found it quite interesting to watch it all yesterday.