Jacob, Job & Jesus

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On one of the recent mornings when Barbara woke to the sound of Jacob crying with the pain in his tummy & legs she went in and heard him wimpering over and over "Jesus please heal me, Jesus please take away the pain."

Heart-breaking stuff!
When Babs told me i felt myself asking Jesus to prove Himself to this child who was crying out to Him, equally i reminded Jacob to give thanks once that session of pain was past.

Last night Jacob & i turned to look at the book and lessons of Job, of how Jesus is in charge and how He uses suffering to prove His people. It was great to hear Jake pick up on the fact that satan had to get God's permission before he could attack Job & then link it (for himself) to the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness and how satan always tries to 'joke' people into disobeying God like he did with Adam & Eve.

It was so encouraging for me to see Jacob link all these things together in his own mind and give voice to an understanding of the fall, sin, hell, Jesus, the cross & forgiveness along with Jesus being King over all.

Just praying that these truths get built on, and that the Holy Spirit uses them to kindle an unquenchable flame in this dudes life.


Simonjhodge said...

Can see you are teaching you kids the right things that they know to reach out to the only one who can really help! God bless you Gary adn your family!