How Can The All Knowing God Learn Obedience?

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"Although He was a son, He learned obedience through what He suffered."
Hebrews 5:8

The disadvantage of a slow mind is that it was on my way home in the car from a Bible study when these thoughts took shape; so i didn't get to share them with the group. 

The constant question surrounding this verse is 'how does the all-knowing God learn?'

But consider this - through out Old Testament times Jesus, The Son of God was of one mind with The Father & The Spirit. He [The triune God] gave the law and laid down the gauntlet for perfect obedience to Him. But while we humans had to obey, who did God obey? Himself! But that's not really the example of obedience that we can relate to in so far as we understand it. We could look at a God who gives command but not as our example of obedience.

He Became The Greatest Example of Obedience
When Jesus emptied Himself & came in flesh; never ceasing to be God, but choosing to operate out of faith in God the Spirit's power & living as a man; we find Him obedient to the Father. We can no longer look at this God as one who simply 'lords-it-over' but as one who obeys His own perfect standard in keeping the law.

We find Him in the garden sweating blood & pleading for a different way, yet unwilling to part from obedience to the will of His Father. We can look at Jesus willingness to obediently carry the cross as our greatest example of obedience.

Next week i'll post some thoughts on the following verse - "And being made perfect . . . "
How does a perfect God become more perfect?