Do We Really Mean Our 'Like'

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"Certainly our experience as a mission is that more support comes through actual paper and ink newsletters than email".
Samuel Adams [Revival Movement Association]

Virtual Missions
We all sign up to a newsletter by email & then ignore them each month when they hit our inbox.
Or we 'like' a missionary page on Facebook; yet never actually pray for them, or give towards the work they are doing. Our interest & connection dies like the static leaving the screen when we hit 'shut down'. And our virtual connection with missions and the work of God tends to remain virtual, while actual physical connections tend to create more involved and intentional support and interest in what Christ is doing through them.

Maybe it's an overcompensation thing
We've all heard the overcompensating rumour as to why some men drive big cars. Sometimes i wonder if our facebook 'likes' are an overcompensation of our shortfalls in prayer, Bible study and our daily experiences of Jesus Christ.

Don't get me wrong, it's good to show interest in missions etc & very encouraging to them to have your 'like' on facebook. We ought to do this, yet not leave other, weightier aspects of following Jesus undone.