Opening My Bible To See & Know Jesus: Study, Meditation & Prayer

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Whenever i open my Bible the main motivating factor is a desire to see, know & love Christ more as a result. Regardless of whether it's personal devotions, preaching to a crowd, speaking one-to-one or teaching my children the open Bible, seeing Christ in the passage so that i/we/others can be deeply affected by Him is the reason.

A lot of things formed this view in my mind, but perhaps standing out among these as a monumental moment was when i listened to 'Adoring Christ: Communion with God' by Tim Keller. It was part of a series taught by him & Edmund Clowney - Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World.

I haven't talked much about it before because it takes me back to a really difficult time in which we'd lost a 2nd baby and we were at the hospital. As my wife went for the 'procedure' i went for a walk & flicked on my ipod and saw the title "Communion with God". I figured i need some of that!
I sat outside on a bench for the duration of the message, just staring ahead and took a lesson in the midst of that difficulty.

This is Christ-centered, devotion changing, joyful Bible opening stuff.

Just because i used them as an example of how i take notes in a previous post, here are a couple of pics of my notes from this. (click for larger image)

Tim links Study and prayer with meditation as a means of moving from one into the other in a connected and relevant way. it is a great message and a great way to open Scripture.