Have You Got Potential? - Then Do Something!

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John Calvin wrote The Institutes by age 27 then went on to plant 1750 churches in 7 years.
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This Calvin stat is pretty depressing to a 34 year old guy.
OK i could pat my back and say i've been involved full-time (have to get that 'full-time' in to help salve the sore) in missions since the age of 21 but that's still not much comfort when faced with lives like Calvin et al.

Last week a friend and i were discussing how people often describe us as having a lot of potential. Here's the conclusion we came to about that tag; Having a lot of potential is absolutely useless if it never attains anything. I mean what use is a bag of manure if it sits in the corner. The potential of growing great, tasty, nourishing crops is never met.

Lets not be like sacks of . . . 'potential' sitting in the corner of the field never trying or accomplishing anything. Let's refuse to be simply tagged as men and women of potential. Rather, lets take the loaves and fish that we have (the gifts & talents) and actively give them over to Christ and run this race of faith