"The Devil Made Me Do It!" - Really

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I remember hearing a Don Francisco song called the devil made me do it. It mocks the excuse that many use for sin. It is so true that we so often fall back on the old 'satan tempted me' thing in order to make ourselves think we're not so bad - after all if it wasn't for him . . .

. . . Worse than that old dragon! 
Speaking for myself (& probably you), Gollum is more like the reason form my sin. You see we like to see ourselves as good, wanting to serve God and defeat temptation. And when we don't live that way, we like to follow Adam and throw blame elsewhere.

We are very like Smeagol, that likable hobbit; wanting to do good and serve our master, but if we're honest it's probably not because satan sits whispering in our ear, but because our sinful flesh (sinful desires) have not fully been killed. Gollum still lives!


My greatest enemy is me!
 One moment we desire Christ and nothing but Him, and the next Christ gets pushed aside as desire for those other things arise. We know from Scripture that we are to be continually slaying our old selves; putting sin to death in our lives; and that this battle will continue until we are completed in Christ when we see Him.

Slay & Stand
Romans 6,7 & 8 call us to put sin to death; to make war with the old man; and defeat our flesh. Ephesians 6 directs us to stand against the devil using the armour of God.
So whether we face Gollum or Dragon; flesh or satan, we are given clear Biblical directives to withstand, attack, defend & slay.