Christians, The Cross & The Workplace

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According to the telegraph the UK government think that Christians should not have the right to wear a cross in the workplace [Source].

[Some reflections]
While i agree that it is pretty mean hearted toward Christians, and probably a sign of bigger issues to come, it's a petty fight for us to get into. We're to live as peaceably as possible with those around us, and i guess that could mean forgoing our 'rights' on non-issues so as not to make a fuss. Or put it another way - pick our fights, as more important issues demand our attention in loving God and our neighbor. 

Do we pour as much energy into our right to pray, study the Bible, seek the kingdom, help the poor, love others and make disciples? 

Or do fighting over our 'rights' on issues like this distract us from following and growing in our knowledge & love for Christ? 

I by no means mean we roll over on fundamentals of our faith, but that we turn our other cheek when it comes to non-essentials of our faith. Yet stand firm and unbendable on what the Bible does teach.

Whether or not we wore a cross around our neck will not make much difference in the Kingdom of God, but taking up our cross daily and following Jesus . . . that's a different thing all together.

I was picked up wrong in the above (which i posted in a facebook thread) and thought to be saying that wearing a cross can be a distraction or excuse from reading, praying etc. This is not at all what i meant. I simply mean that the fight over 'non-issues' or 'non-essentials' of our faith can sometimes become a distraction. 
I absolutely believe the government are wrong on this and freedom to wear what we want should not be removed. A cross or symbol can be a good starting point for conversation and it's great if people ask about it. Just reckon we should be slow to get into a fight over non-essentials.

We look at teachings of scripture concerning the obedience to governments (Rom 13) and conclude that as long as we are not being asked to sin against God by breaking scriptural teachings we ought to submit to our rulers (government).
If wearing a cross is not a Biblical teaching and we are not being asked to sin against God when asked to remove them, then a refusal to submit in this area may actually be breaking a Biblical instruction (something to consider anyway). We may not like it, it may not be fair, but we need to be very careful.

We so often shout about our 'rights' as Christians, but while the authors of the New Testament lived in a worse age than us for being persecuted their writings are not that of petitions to Roman officials pleading for their right not to be fed to lions or crucified. They rather poured their energy into making Christ known and took the beating (bore their cross) if/when it came. Perhaps we have become too accustomed to our 'rights' and are not willing to bear any, even the slightest burden placed upon us for our faith. I don't want to suffer anymore than the next person and for that reason i think we should let non-issues go with an open hand, while clutching tightly to fundamentals.