The Preacher In 3 Stages

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Preaching begins with the 'preacher's' curiosity about God. This curiosity drives Him to study the Word of God in which God most fully reveals Himself and tells of His will for mankind.

With a growing multiperspectival view of God shaped in his mind and burning upon his lips the preacher then begins to work on understanding what he is learning about God in a coherent way. This is for the sake of both his own life and with a view to share his findings with others. He is always careful to draw only from Scripture as his source and authority, but also as the measure by which the message is assessed.

With continual curiosity about God and a drive to make sense of it all, the preacher cannot refrain from proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to those around him.

Obviously God's work and call by His Spirit upon someone to preach is the foundation of preaching (or any ministry). But often God works behind scenes in creating the curiosity and drive for study, the desire to understand, love and know Him more, and the overwhelming desire to tell others about Christ and His revelation through Scripture to mankind.