Post Valentine's Blues - Do Something

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It is the day after valentines and with Facebook & Twitter we get a glimpse into the various aspects of v'day.

We read updates from wives who were impressed by even the smallest of gestures from their husbands.
It doesn't have to be grand, even the smallest inkling of romance will go deep into her heart. Seriously, my own wife will tell you that i struggle when it comes to romance, yet the attempt is noted and appreciated.

Then there are updates that show an inkling of longings for a husband to have done something.
Most guys i know who don't use valentine's day as an excuse to show their love claim that they don't need a day in the year to do this. However it is a fair bet that if a wife has even the smallest of desires to receive a gift or a meal, something . . . then that guy is not filling her heart with romance the rest of the time.

Romance is not a one day a year thing!
Today is a new day, and romance is not for one day a year. It is for every day as we seek to romance our wives; perhaps with gifts, maybe with words of affection or a cooked meal, maybe just helping in the house or spending time cuddling and chatting together. Don't let it be a one day thing - but don't let it be a no day thing!

I am as guilty of failure in this arena of romance as any guy - more so. But there's no harm in trying to better ourselves in this area.