2012 Vs 2011

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2011 is over and dusted and we are well under way in 2012. Many probably made resolutions and many have probably broken them. But i was contemplating what i would like my Christian life to look like when 2012 reaches an end:

I'd like to know the Bible more.
That is, as a means of knowing and loving Jesus more, i'd like to know the Bible more and better.

I'd like to make more time for God.
Any relationship requires quality time in order for it to grow deeper. The same is true of the relationship with Jesus, therefore more time with Him in His Word & in prayer is only a good thing.

To take my time in worship/prayer/Bible study etc.
So much of life is rushed, and often this rushing overflows into our worship & devotional lives bringing us to snack rather than feast.

Learn something new.
Most of us have a lot - and i mean a lot still to learn about God, His purposes, The Bible & life. I'd like to learn something new about God and about His purposes, The Bible & life in 2012.

Talk more to others about Jesus.
The good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ is worth sharing, and people need to hear it. Christ calls each of His followers to tell others (evangelize) and so i'd like to be more actively involved in this during 2012.

Enjoy Christ.
All of the above can be moralistic works if they are not done because of a deep, Spirit provoked love for Christ. Rather than going through motions of religion or trying to earn some favour with God and appease my conscience i'd like everything to be done because of a delight in my Saviour.

What would you like to see in 2012?