We all die

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"We will all die. My wife will die. I will die, you . . . everyone you have ever met. Others will walk over our graves and never know we laughed or loved or hated each other. Do you think they will care if we did? No they will have their own blind, short lives to live." 
Written by Conn Iggulden [Conqueror pg23]

Sobering words found in a novel, but words that leave truths and questions ringing in our ears. I'm glad Jesus can make the blind see so that my short life can at least be lived out in the trust and knowledge that He lived, died & arose so that i can live with Him for ever; even when i die.


Jonny Pollock said...

What an encouragement! Thanks!! That was basically our message on Sunday from James 5. This life isn't all there is - the best is yet to come...

Gary Boal said...

On this post i did not expect any comment to begin "What an encouragement" haha

Thanks Jonny that in itself was a huge encouragement to me