Christians At The Cutting Edge - What Happened

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There was once a time when Christianity led the way in many areas - It is quite arguable that no other group grasped and used the written page and the printing press as much as Christianity. Architecture of Christian buildings was outstanding, not only in the complex finish but the very thought given to window placement so as to bring light to the sanctuary. Art and music are other areas in which Christianity led the way . . .

. . . and then we hit today, when we Christians are known as living in previous ages, stuck in traditions and fearing the new and advancements of technologies. Seriously, we should have invented the ipad and the e-reader.

I once heard a young guy in his church being asked why he wouldn't play 'christian' music or songs and answering that he was a 'serious' musician and could never be taken seriously if he did. What! We should be advancing in our musical style, musical instruments and musicians - church uses musicians like no other organization, hence we should have the cream of the crop instead of settling for the ok and the medeocre!

Art is another thing which we have in recent years neglected. Have we forgotten the capacity art has to portray something and get right into someones mind & memory?

A body of believers (the local Church) is a perfect place for people to use not only spiritual gifts but God given talents and skills learned. Don't get me wrong i know of great and fantastic artists, musicians, tech guys, etc etc who love Jesus and use their talents and field of expertise to Glorify God . . . But what if we all done that within our church. Practice our instruments as though we will be playing before the King of the universe, pour effort into artistry in order to enhance the Gospel's impact.

What if we persued excellence and sought to constantly do things better and better . . .