The Bible Has The Makings Of A Horror Story . . . & I Read It To My Kids?

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Lately i've been picking up my Bible instead of children's Bibles when reading to Jake. As i've done this i'm realizing more and more how unchild friendly the Bible is in it's contents.
Satan comes in the form of a snake and tempts God's people to disobey - horror of horrors, God is angry, places a curse upon each of them, with impending death as part of it, but worst of all seperation from Him graphically displayed by banishment from the garden.
There's a flood (sent by God) that destroys the human race bar 1 family, from the hand of God plagues are poured upon egypt ending in the slaughter of every 1st born in the land apart from those who have sacrificed a lamb and painted their doorposts with blood.David kills the giant and chops of his head, Jonah gets eaten up by a whale (at God's command), and the list continues until we find Jesus, the Son of God; whipped, mocked and crucified upon the cross.
With all these makings of a horror flick, it is surprising that we so often water it down and clean it up, as though we could take 'Nightmare on Elm Street' and edit it into a romantic comedy for all the family. Now, i would not let Jacob watch a horror film, but i am quite honest about the Biblical events to Him; often adding details that kids books leave out.

Why Teach It All To My Children?
Because it is the Word of God and all of it is profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and for training in righteousness, it is by it my son may become competent and equipped for every good work. I want my children to know the true God, not a mere cleaned up version of Him and since the Scriptures are the best place for us to know this God i want them to be known fully by my children.