Brought To Repentance By My Son's Prayer

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Any parent knows that, while children are a blessing, they can also drive you up the walls and frustrate you to a capacity like nothing else. That's how it is, but it is never an excuse for sinful behaviour.

Enter last night and we see Faith (1) refusing bluntly to go to sleep. 40mins after taking her up to her cot i brought her back down, grabbed her buggy so as to rock her asleep in that and kicked a toy out of my way in bad temper (i think there may have been a shout involved).

Over on the chair Jacob (4) began to speak
 "Lord Jesus please stop dad from being angry and scary . . ."
Broken from my silly rampage i snuggled Faith on my knee, cuddled Jake & thanked him, and asked their forgiveness before praying in repentance. Hopefully its a lesson learned.


Jonny Pollock said...

Thanks for sharing...

A lot of Christians act like this never happens to them.

We are supposed to be emotionless robots that thrive on 3 hours sleep right?!

I've been sent to the naughty step once for stepping on a toy and throwing it out the back door in anger...

The joys of fatherhood!

Boaly said...

Oh the joys indeed, haha.

Andrew said...

Really appreciate your honesty here, Gary. Asking forgiveness of our young children when we get it wrong is such an opportunity to show what the Gospel means. Refreshing to know that other Dads can have days like this!