When Bible Stories Go Well With Kids

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"So the people of Ninevah believed in God, and proclaimed a fast and dressed themselves in sackcloth . . .
. . . God saw their deeds and how they had abandoned their evil ways, and He did not destroy them."

(The Children's Bible)

At this point tonight Jacob broke in and said "That's not fair, they were naughty."

It was a fair enough time to say this because what we'd read about Jonah's perspective before hand, led naturally to this thought, and indeed it's where Jonah went. We read on about the plant and God's love for those He'd made, then we talked about how if Jake was bold and we sent Faith to the naughty step it wouldn't be fair for her, but would be great for him, he didn't like the idea of this being turned around, but instantly understood what i meant when i said that God had punished Jesus instead of punishing us.

"Super" (a new expression from him) he cried out with a beaming smile (i was worried he might waken Faith who was sleeping already), "we never want to go to the fire and Jesus loves us and God punished Him we don't have to."

He prayed thanking Jesus for loving us and then went to sleep.

Now that is what i'm talkin about! Is that not a super encouragement to continue on with Bible readings, stories, prayers and explainations! May these times be ignited by the Holy Spirit in his life as he grows older, and even now . . .


Jonny Pollock said...

This is amazing...It's something special for people to get an understanding grace, especially kids!

Thanks for sharing!

Boaly said...

Oh, seeing his face light up as an internal light seemed to go on was out of this world.

Don't get me wrong, i take a lot with a pinch of salt but also with a lot of prayer that it abides and grows in his heart mind and soul.