The Blind Side

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This film looks class


heartafire said...

We saw it last night! It really is a fantastic story, and it is a true one. It just shows you what people are capable of becoming when given a chance, and most of all, grace. Unmerited favor.

My understanding of the whole story (which was not fully conveyed in the movie, IMO) was that LeeAnn Touhy's family was deeply Christian and this was the primary motivation behind helping this young man.

Then, of course, Christ rewarded that with a true mutual love for one another and the eventual adoption of Michael into their family, and today he is quite successful in the NFL.

One of the best movies I've seen in awhile.

John Fitzsimmons. said...

Will the movie be out in Cinema's here. Be a great one to take youth to see!

Boaly said...

I'm not exactly sure when its release is in UK etc, i read the date 20 Nov 09 but since that's past and it aint there i'm not sure bro!
When i see a date i'll let you know