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I've mentioned the new folding machine that has arrived in EHC, and that i will be its main operator. Simon & i received some training on it last week, which was helpful, yet now begins the main learning curve as i begin to operate & get a better grasp of it.
One problem hangs over me; the manual is in German and as yet is not translated into English. So it's look at the pictures and fiddle about time...

Bible Translations
I guess i'm getting a small picture of how many countless people in our world are trying to live their lives, seek God, and get to heaven without a translation of the Bible (estimates say over 6000 language groups).

I've had instruction on my machine, yet an English manual would be most helpful, but for many basic instruction in the Christian faith hasn't even been made. They are left in the dark, stumbling around with no hope and no chance of ever getting to Jesus without the Gospel coming to them. Even if basics have been taught, a Bible in their language is probably the most useful tool we could give them.

Although the Bible has been translated into many languages, and at EHC we do indeed print in many of them, there are many more languages to be translated. Worse still, there are many languages & people groups who do not even have a written language and need missionaries to not only teach them about Christ, but to give them a written language, teach them to read & write, and to translate the Bible for them.

A huge task! But one that is being done & will be done.

There are many opportunities for us to help get literature to people (in their own language) whether by active involvement or by giving to the works & ministries that do this.

Example include:
New Tribes Mission
The Seed Company

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Bible Society
Revival Movement Association

And many, many more (feel free to mention them in the comments).


heartafire said...

What a great analogy--- your new folding machine manual in a foreign language ---ha!

I'm sure you've heard it, but thinking of the Bible as an instruction manual called to mind the acronym of BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Boaly said...

believe it or not i only heard that last week for the first time. i like it