The Persistence of Thorns & Thistles

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The few who continue to read this blog will know that i've mentioned this theme before, but as the wise Solomon has said; there is nothing new under the sun.

We got a new reel-fed-folder in EHC and Simon and I received a spot of training last week, which was much needed. Now i'm a bit slow on the ol' uptake but Simon has a great engineering & machine orientated mind so he's already got a better grasp of it than i have. But, although i know that it is a great machine and will help production, it is new to me & so i'm struggling to get it to function consistent & well.

It reminds me of when i first began folding, paper jams, scratching my head, playing & fiddling with things i don't know in order to try and get it going. And i know that given time i'll get to grasps with it and run it as well as my old folder ran.

But for now it is a reminder that Thistles & Thorns persist to plague the human race.

Thistles & Thorns
Way back in Eden when Adam & Eve rebelled against God, He cursed us with thistles & thorns. In our rebellion we became separated from our Lord & God and were thrown out of the garden, out of fellowship & came under His Just, Holy wrath over sin. But in kindness He told Adam that man would have to toil against the thistles & thorns.

Whatever is under our dominion, whether farm land or machinery; we face toil, wear and tear, rust & decay - thorns and thistles. Our cars break down, our machines don't go as we hope, our computers crash (even Macs). And we face hardship, toil & frustration in every arena of life as it continually seems to war against us.

Kindness of The Thorn
The kindness of the Thorn is that as all that is under our dominion rebels against us, it is crying out about our state before our maker. Just as our [ fill in the blank ] rebels against us, we rebel against God. So thistles and thorns point out our sin, much like a mirror, reflecting our fallen & rebellious state against the One who has dominion over all.

Prince of Peace
The good news is that there will be a day when we need not toil, when sin shall be no more and when Jesus rules supreme over all. For those who trust in Him, our final hope is upon Him, His Kingdom & His peace. When He shall finish the job which He has began in us by His Spirit & we shall be complete in Him.

Roll on that day!