Bible Translations?

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Hearing about the decision to cease the TNIV has made me think of asking you about translations:

  • Which is your preferred translation?
  • Why?
  • Are there translations you don't like?
  • Why?

    aragamuffinsreflections said...

    Gary, I know this is an old post, but due to the new filter placed on the computers at work, I cannot comment on blogs - I can only read them in my feed reader.

    Anyway, I picked up a small, paperback NT ESV a couple of years ago and found the wording to be very fresh. I've loved reading the ESV since. I spent all of my teen years and most of my 20's reading NKJV, so I find that I "think" NKJV wording and still use it quite often. I also love my NASB (those are the more literal translations I like) and I like NLT and, at times, the Message for a more readable translation. NIV is fine, but I've never fallen in love with it, but use it on occasion.