Boys-2-Men - What Do Males Need?

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What Do Males Need?

We need authoritative, courageous & strong men to kick us so far up our backsides that their shoe laces tickle our throats. Men work best when discipline is in the air and when men who we respect and see as being stronger than us, pull us into line & tell us to catch ourselves on.

We will often kick against this, but it is what we all need and our kicks against it should only be met with a much harder return kick.

It is pointless telling us not to do something if you are not going to give us something to do. Something to pursue, spend our energy, passions & strength on! Something that will call us to courage, bravery, risk & to lay our lives down for!

The discipline calls us from our childish games & sinful behaviour, but direction points us in the way we should go. First of all we need pointed to Jesus, so strong evangelists are needed to win our respect & to present Jesus as LORD.

Jesus is the direction in which we must be pointed, He does after all describe Himself as the way, and so we need directed toward 'The Way.'

Other directions include getting a job, pursuing a Godly woman (as described in Proverbs 31) and raising children who will, themselves pursue Christ.
Boldly and courageously living for the Gospel & the Glory of God, risking our comfort, finances & even our lives to make Jesus known upon the earth & to become Godly old men. Who in turn can pass on a wealth of advice, knowledge & legacy to others around them, pointing them to Jesus.

We need older, mature, Godly, Courageous, Risk Taking, Strong MEN to draw along side us and teach us. To disciple us in the ways of God, opening the Scriptures to us and giving us an understanding of Christ & His call upon our lives. To teach us how to treat women properly, as God has called us to. Direct us in raising children, leading a home, praying, studying, leading family devotions, & in evangelism to reach the lost.

We need Masculine examples of faithfulness to Christ, to wives, & to making Jesus name famous among the people of the world. We need taught about work ethics, finances, fighting sin & of what it means to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind & strength, and our neighbour as ourselves.

Next Time - Jesus ~ the Man