Driscol & Packer

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Mark Driscoll has posted on Resurgence more from his conversation with J.I. Packer. This post concerns those theological issues he would commend young Christian leaders to study in order to be prepared for the next fifty years.
Here's Packers points

1. Regeneration
2. God-Centered Theology
3. Godliness Begins at Home
4. Trinity

Also on the Resurgence Mike Anderson posts 5 Dangers for Young Men - J.C. Ryle .
The headings for each danger are:
1. Pride
2. Love of Pleasure
3. Thoughtlessness
4. Contempt for Religion
5. Fear of Man's opinion

I loved Mike's concluding thoughts:
"Most young single guys spend their time playing video games, watching porn, drinking tons of cheap beer, and going to the Taco Bell drive-thru after midnight. Pastors—quit being wusses, and tell your young men that it's time to grow up, quit living for themselves, and follow Christ."