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Greetings to all from the female voice on Gary's blog!! I am quite hesitant about what to type since Gary has asked for my input along with other highly esteemed brothers, I'm feeling a little inadequate to say the least. So I am just going to share a little initiative that the leader of the team on my recent mission trip to Romania shared with me. He has coined the title 'prayer, care, share' and to be honest it's pretty genious. It is a method of evangelising and being a witness in the area that you live...interested yet? I thought you might be...

Firstly 'prayer'. You start off by walking around your area every day holding hands with your beloved spouse/children etc and generally enjoy the time with your family. Your neighbours will notice you having a good time and begin to wonder what is different. Whilst this is going on at home you should be praying for your neightbours, the people you encounter and make notes of their names etc as you will be making an effort to befriend them. The only flaw I see in us N'orn Ireland ones trying this is our weather may interupt your plans so we may not be as consistent in our family outdoor time as our brothers and sisters in the States. But nevertheless...we may try!!

Then 'care'. Start doing little acts of kindness for your neighbours. If they are away on holidays mow their lawn, put out the trash, run to the grocery store, help elderly pick up their prescriptions etc (I included the american terms! hehehe). This will really get them wondering what your motives are. They may ask and this is the perfect opportunity to share why you are loving on them, because of the Gospel...we have good news to share! :)

Then 'share'. For this part Gaylon (the guy whose idea this was) uses the DVDs on Song of Solomon from Denton Bible Church. I'm guessing anyone who knows Gary and reads this blog is familiar with the teaching I'm talking about. If not, google Denton Bible Church and find the series on Song of Solomon!! Or see me and I will get you a copy on CD. You can ask the couples if they want to come to your house for a study on includes conflict, intimacy, sex etc. When you say 'sex' the husband is interested, and since you have said 'intimacy' the woman is interested, so generally any couple you ask is eager to come. From his experience, Gaylon tells me when you invite 5 couples, 8 couples turn up cos everyone is so interested. The DVDs do study each chapter of Song of Solomon but the gospel is also incorporated into each sermon so you can watch the DVD and have discussion afterwards.

I hope this has been of interest you y'all [sorry I forgot I'm not with the Texas ones anymore :( but praise God I'm home to my lovely husband :) ] May this tool be used to aid us in fulfilling the great comission as we "go therefore and make disciples of all the nations". I sometimes have ideas about going to some other country for mission, to some interesting distant land...but how can I do that if I'm not fulfilling my purpose when I am here at home?? We must pray as we try to witness to those around us as we will face opposition and it can only be a success when we go in the name of Jesus and in His strength.


Timotheus said...

Excellent post Gemma!
If the rain ever stops I will really make an effort to put some of these things into practice where I live.
Didn't even know you were in Romania - good stuff!