Lest I Forget...

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How many of us, as Christians, have a leaning toward forgetfulness? I think we do forget and quite easily at times too, as if we hold the memory span of a fish. I am not simply meaning that we forget to buy
milk on our way home from work, or to hang the washing out when the spin cycle has finished, but that we forget about the Lord, about who He is and all that He accomplished for us, and the result is that we live a life that is deficient, that is lukewarm, characterised by coasting instead of focused passion and vitality.
Our beliefs should impact, and shape, our behaviour. Our doctrine is to lead to deeds. This is the link that Paul makes at the beginning of Romans 12 when he writes:

"1 I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship."

Paul called the church at Rome, and that call is upon us today, to live lives of worship. To place all of our human faculties, including our physial body (our "bodies") on the altar and to surrender ourselves completely, in absolutely every area, to God. This call is built on somthing; it has roots; it hasn't come from nowhere but has specific grounds, meaning, and purpose. Paul links this command to worship to what he had previously written to the church (in chapters 1-11) through the word "therefore" and by indicating that the motivation to this life is "the mercies of God", because Paul has dealt with many of God's mercies towards undeserving, depraved, sinful and rebellious human beings in the first 11 chapters of Romans. So, if our lives are not as they should be, let's remind ourselves of God's mercies towards us, repent and renew our commitement to the Him; or, if we have forgotten what He has done for us, and the kindness shown to us, let's remind ourselves of His love toward us and get our lives in order and for the Lord to be our first love again. Be overwhelmed with His love and, because of His love, with Him. Below is a sampling from Romans. Add to the list of other doctrinal and daily mercies, and maybe we will burst like Paul did with praise and worship of a great God!

-in Christ we are justified by faith (4:1f)
-in Christ we have peace with God (5:1f)
-in Christ we are made righteous (5:12f)
-in Christ we are dead to sin and raised to new life (6:1f)
-in Christ we are set free from sin and misery and are able to follow the Spirit (7:1f)
-in Christ there is no condemnation (8:1f)
-in Christ we are free not to walk after the flesh but after the Spirit (8:5f)
-in Christ we are daughters/sons and heirs of God (8:12f)
-in Christ we have a glorious future hope (8:18f)
-in Christ our prayers are heard (8:26f)
-in Christ God works everything for our ultimate good (8:28)
-in Christ we are elect (8:29)
-in Christ no charges are laid against us (8:33)
-in Christ we are conquerors (8:37)
-in Christ nothing can separate us from God's love (8:38f)
-in Christ we are grafted into the tree of Israel and are now part of the people of God (11:11f)

"Lest I forget Gethsemane,
Lest I forget Thine agony;
Lest I forget Thy love for me,
Lead me to Calvary."


Emily said...

amazing thoughts. thank you.