This is My last Post...Ever

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I have decided to knock the old blogging on the head - forever!

It has been taking up a lot of my time and recently most of my blogging has been done whilst running machines at work. Due to some complaints about this, and a few emails complaining about some of my posts etc along with a dissapointed heart that few people comment on posts I've decided to call it a day! feeling that either I get complaints or that people aren't interested in what I write and it is entirely a waste of my time.

So April 1st is my last day on the blogosphere!



Susan Boal said...

Hey, I check your blog every day! Its one of the first things I do when I arrive in Work, so I will miss it, you'll have to e-mail me photo's of Jake and inspirational thinkings instead!!

simont said...

is this an april fool or wha??

Andrew and Carolyn said...

Has to be an April fool, Gary! I don't believe you're quitting the blogosphere - too much of a loss!!!

Boaly said...

Yeh, I forgot it was April fools so this was my lame attempt!
Couldn't give up such an addiction that fast!
Thanks guys! And Susan - I got you extremely well there!

Susie said...

I was having a VERY BAD day and you really did not help!!!

Having a better day today and can now at last see the funny side!!