Stripped Down Awaiting an Expert Touch

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What you see to the left is a folding machine, normally it is not in pieces and is firing through tracts. But it had a problem a couple of weeks ago, and then when I tried fixing it... well I became a worse problem. In my attempt to fix it, I learnt that in the future I ought to be sure that a machine is switched off! I blew up the circuit board with sparks and a bit of a shock for me!
I had plowed ahead, without much care I have to admit, and actually made things worse!

Now this folder is sitting in bits, awaiting the return of its circuit board as someone with far more knowledge than me works at it!

I thought that this stood as a great warning against recklessness and carelessness, and especially in considering other peoples lives who we may wish to speak into, helping them with sin and in going on with Christ. In Ephesians we are told to "speak the truth in love". Yet often we find a directness or bluntness when it comes to pointing out faults or sins in others and when dealing with people we can sometimes be very offensive!
But a careless spirit, even with the best intentions can cause a lot of damage and can leave someone stripped down awaiting a more tender, mature and knowledgeable touch.
I sometimes think that the human heart ought to have a sticker; "Handle with care", because even the best motives sometimes bring hurt and pain.

I know that it is not always possible to help or give advice, even to confront sin without causing pain and some hurt, but I think we could be very mindful of our tone, words and general approach when 'helping' others. I know that its not just machines that have received my careless help in the past, but friends who I've cut deeply and needlessly I've chosen poor words and had a heartless approach that has "made matters worse" rather than being helpful.

I don't want any future help toward others to leave them like this machine, rather I want to be a source of help, encouragement and to be offering a loving hand to help others draw close to Jesus!