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About John Piper's message at Together for the Gospel Tim Challies wrote:

"If Piper’s ministry to young people revolves around the message “Don’t Waste Your Life,” this, his message to pastors, seemed to me to be “Don’t Waste Your Ministry.” It was a call to a radical life; a call to put away the complacency and the safeness that plagues so many Christian lives and ministries. Though directed at pastors it was applicable far beyond. And it was powerful."

I listened this message over the weekend and absolutely think that Challies is right, it is powerful.

How the Supremacy of Christ Creates Radical Christian Sacrifice



simont said...

Bro, i listened to the start of the message (1st 15mins) so need to go back and finish. What I did hear though was incredibly powerful! So much truth and passion.

Boaly said...

Wow that was a fast comment bro', just posted a few mins ago!
Yeh it is a class message! Definately worth taking time out to listen