Around the blogosphere - 21-04-08

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One of the blogs I enjoy, but is updated far too seldom is Marvellous Light, but in the latest post Simon directs us to some great resources.

On The Blazing Center Stephem Atrogge tells a Story of God's Goodness.

Louie Giglio posts on the 268blog his opening text from Passion Atlanta a few days ago.

The audio from the Band of Bloggers panel discussion is available.

Andrew Roycroft has begun a 'The Road to Peru' a blog which will carry details of his preparation for missions work in Peru, and our work for God once they get there.

Andrew also posts on Double Usefulness on "I think I may be coveting the Bible" which was a great challenge to my own heart concerning the new ESV Study Bible for whic I can only say I have been lusting for each time I even see its name.

Mark Driscoll posts on The Mission &Vision the imago dei, which means “image of God” in Latin.

Ok this isn't a blog - but Stephen Walker showed me it this morning and I've been doing the quizzes since; Bible Quizzes.