Late thoughts

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It's late in the day, and I haven't posted yet?
Been a hectic few days, it was good to get back to work today and see all the guys there and get back to the machine. When I got home Barbara headed off to bed (still sick), and I took Jacob out the back to play on his swing, slide, tractor and trampoline. After play time it was time to make tea and then begin the bed time process of bath, book, bottle, then supposedly sleep (which didn't work in his cot but did in his pram with a bit of rocking.
Then it was the ironing and dishwashing which has brought me up to nine o'clock, watching Galactica and typing this ramble of words.

During the day I did get to Obadiah which is pretty much a prophecy of judgement, that is unto verse 17 when it changes direction and gives prophecy of restoration to Israel. To be honest, having read it I didn't really get to think about it (or give much effort to thinking about it) but one thing that did stand out in my mind was in verse 17:

"But on Mount Zion there shall
be deliverance,
And there shall be holiness

"Deliverance" and "Holiness", not just deliverance, but deliverance and holiness. This brings me to think upon how we can present the gospel as being a 'get out of hell free card', or a 'just say this prayer' or 'raise your hand', 'come to the front', 'just ask Jesus into your heart'.

Though I would not say that all of these wrong I would hold that they can sometimes lead to a danger of false profession. That someone does say the 'sinners prayer' yet continues in a life of habitual and unopposed sin. Yet throughout Scripture we find that Deliverance and Holiness accompany one another, God will not change our standing before Him, yet leave our character untouched.

The moment a person is truly brought into the kingdom of Christ he is delivered from God's wrath and the power of sin, through the cross, and at that same moment God places His Spirit within them. Paul tells us in Philippians 1:6 that "He who has begun a good work in you will complete it untill the day of Jesus Christ".
God is continually working in us to desire and to do His good will, He has given us a new heart, one that will love Him, and He is continually changing us into the image of His Son.

In concluding this thought;
Deliverance is reflected in our lives by Holiness, not that we become perfect immediately, but we do change non-the-less.

I also listened to "Job: Persevering Through Suffering" a message by Darrin Patrick which I'd highly recommend.

Also listened to Mark Driscoll's message on Creation, as a firm creationist myself I disagree with what he says about there being time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, but after that the message was great and is worth listening.

Also, Tim got "The Word of Promise: NKJV New Testament Audio Bible on CD " and I got to listen the first few chapters of John's Gospel, the actors and sound effects do help the listening of it greatly, though I have to say there is nothing beats the holding of a copy of God's Word open in your hand and reading it.

So that's it, all I have to write tonight, if you've got this far well done, if not I guess it was better than counting sheep and loads of ZZZZ's are coming from you.