Kicking back against the Cure

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Jacob has had conjunctivitis (an eye infection) over the past couple of days, along with a pretty bad cold. But every time I've went to bathe his eyes and put the drops in that will cure this infection he has went crazy, struggling and yelling to a point when the only way I can get the drops in his eyes is to hold him down and do it. Seems cruel and to be honest I hate doing it, but he needs these drops if his eyes are to clear.
Last Friday Barbara, who also has the flu along with fluid on her lungs, went to take a cough medicine which tasted awful, hence she declined to use it. Thankfully the tablets that the Dr gave her don't have a similar taste, even if they are the biggest tablets I've ever seen, and wonder how she manages to swallow them, but she's feeling better today.
[I've had to take off work to take care of Jacob and Barbara, the only thing lacking was a nurses uniform]

But as I was putting Jacobs drops in earlier I was thinking about this tendency we have to dislike the very cure that we need and how we all have a huge problem in sin and yet often discard or neglect the Bible which so plainly offers the cure.

The cure for sin is Jesus - He lived and died on our behalf, living a fully righteous and sinless life and dying on the cross taking the punishment for sin. He is the only cure for sin and the only way to forgiveness by God and a relationship with Him.

But He offers us further help in His Word, the Bible. 2 Timothy 3:16&17 says
"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."

Yet I find that so often I kick back against its teachings and commands upon my life, when what I really need is exactly that - the Bible's teachings, doctrines and commands etc to be fully implemented and at work in my life.

Seems a weird thing that we don't like our medicines and that we despise the very things that are good for us. But if we are ill we must take our medicine. And since we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God we need Jesus and His forgiveness for our sins. And we Christians need the Scriptures in our lives so that we "may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."