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I was asked some advice by a friend, concerning the content on some young peoples social networking sites - think Bebo, FaceBook, MySpace.

Although I do use these sites myself and do not think that it is wrong to do so, I have posted before with some thoughts and concerns over them. (You can read those here & here).

Today I don't want to go over my concerns, rather I would like to pose a question, or a couple of questions;

# Does the Church need to address this issue in more depth, teaching about both its advantages and dangers and how we can best use it for the Kingdom of God?

# Should our Churches and particularly our elders hold us responsible for the content of our webpages, helping us to remain under their authority and Christ's?

# If so, how can they best advise and help safeguard our personal webpages?

# Have you any advice, warnings, thoughts or even encouragement for people who use these online social networking sites?

What I would begin by saying to address the use of Bebo, FaceBook, MySpace etc is that we are first of all Christian's, and that affects us in every area. As one who has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus we ought to leave a bloody stain wherever we put our hands - online, on paper, at work, at home or upon whatever we do!

Would love to hear some thoughts on this!


P said...

Interesting issue to raise, totally agree with what you said at the last - "we are first of all Christian's, and that affects us in every area"
We are to be salt (Matt 5:13), Light (Matt 5:14) and Ambassadors as Paul was (2Cor 5:20).