Song of Solomon 1:7 - Don't Compromise Your Integrity

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"Tell me, you whom my soul loves,
 where you pasture your flock,
 where you make it lie down at noon;
 for why should I be like one who
veils herself beside the flocks of your companions?"

In these verses the girl is basically asking for a noontime rendezvous. She wants to meet up with him at the lunch time break. However she is being very clear that she will not compromise her sexual purity. She will not be like the prostitutes who would veil their faces and follow the men around as they worked plying for trade. Here she is plainly stating that she will not buy his attention or affections with her body, rather their relationship is in fact that; a relationship.

Dating is not about physical passion it is about becoming best friends. It is the founding, construction, deepening and fortification of a relationship with the goal of marriage, but until the ring is on the finger and the vows have been made God's wise calling is that we do not sell ourselves like Esau when after a rumble in his tummy sold his birthright for a bowl of stew. We must treasure the passionate intertwining of our souls and like this young woman of Scripture refuse to whore ourselves out, despising the gift of intimacy.