What is Song of Solomon About

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There's no doubt about where song of Solomon is going when you read it's opening words:

 "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine..." Song of Solomon 1:2 

Psalms is wisdom about worshipping God
Proverbs is wisdom about general life
Ecclesiastes is wisdom about sin
Job is wisdom about suffering

 And song of Solomon is wisdom about romance

Past to Present
Years ago I received a sermon series by Tommy Nelson on the Song of Solomon. It was a huge challenge to me as a newly married guy. But life sometimes has a way of moving on and while many of its principles stayed with me, the huge passion I had over the book (and in teaching it myself - or rather passing on its lessons) left me.

Recently several men I have had contact with, some of whom were very close friends, walked into depths of sin that destroyed their marriages and left a painful wake behind. I picked up the sermon series again and began studying it afresh.

A book about love
I am convinced more than ever that this book is primarily about human marriage. I know that many translate it more about Christ, and I guess that since marriage is a mere shimmer of smoke pointing to Christ and His Church there is a very good reason for that.

I intend to share some thoughts and lessons from it in much quicker blog posts than this one. We men can expect to be challenged by it to repent before God and our wives for this is a book that calls us to a holy and Christ exalting, sacrificial and creatively romantic love for our wives that will paint a little picture in this world showing Christ's love for the Church.

In an age when marriage has lost its meaning, where sex is not cherished and the only regard for the sexual partner is as an object of pleasure and gratification; the Scriptures call us to raise the bar and declare that marriage is amazing and majestic. That passion may blaze brightly as an act of worship . . .