Song of Solomon - A Foundation for Dating, Marriage & Romance

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Years ago I was given a series on cassette tape on Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson. It was unbelievably great teaching and a foundation for marriage that I cannot recommend enough.
At the time I was asked to 'pass on' what I had listened at a Bible study and so, while 99.9% ... OK 100% of what I said was taken from Tom Nelson's sermons I enjoyed sharing it, at the time, with mostly singles believe it or not.
If you are interested in my manuscripts (which really are just pencilled down notes from the tape series) you can find them at…/1u8pR_JYKD2w9XiBBgx63jWcACpYCheP…
If you would rather go to the source and much better communicator you can listen Tom Nelsons series at…/love-song-a-study-in-the-song-of…/
(You could always use my notes as a read-along just like when you were a kid reading and listening the old cassettes)