Knocking The Door On Halloween

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Bang ... Bang ... Bang ... Went the door.

The guy banging at the door was in fancy dress.
Each bang caused a shudder to run through the strong doors. Rather than knocking the door on 31st October this guy had hammer in hand. He was nailing a list to the door.

Bang ... Bang ... Bang ... Went the door.

With the nailing of Martin Luther's 95 Theses of what was wrong with the roman catholic church, not only did the vibrations cause the door to shudder; but the ripple ran right across Europe, and history. Thus the reformation began. Biblical truths such as being saved by faith alone would shine a light on the dark practises of rome.

A huge part of the reformation was the fact that it's leaders and preachers did not want to keep people from reading the Bible for themselves, nor from reading it in their own languages. Where church said that commoners could not have it, reformers handed it out to all who would take it. They did not force it upon people, as the bishops and priests did with catholic doctrine and darkness. But preached Christ and grace and Christ alone!

On 31st October a more important event than halloween took place at a door. Rather than knocking for a gift this young monk came knocking with a gift. The gift of truth!

499 years later I sit here writing this thankful for the reformation of Biblical truths and pray for a revival of them in my own life.