Tattoo Thoughts

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Lately i've been asked by a few people regarding my view on Christians getting tattoos.

Under Old Testament law tattoos were forbidden, but so was eating pork (no bacon), wearing mixed fibres (that rules the sunday suit out) and males were to be circumcised . . . Needless to say we don't keep the Levitical law.

Without getting into the specifics, Jesus fulfilled the law and we are not bound by it. Does this mean we can sin? Nope, but it means that a lot of those specific laws for Israel aren't binding upon the New Testament followers of Jesus.

I don't know anyone who would argue that the entire Levitical law should be kept by the Church, and if they do we should probably obey that law and stone them for being false prophets and leading God's people astray.... (maybe a step too far)?

Anyway, back to tattoos. 
Personally i'm not into them, so I wouldn't get one. But I can appreciate that some people love them and some actually are very interesting and are very artistic creations by skilled tattooists.

Is it sin to get a tattoo? 
I'd argue no, and as it's not sinful to get a tattoo it is not forbidden. It's personal preference.

Is it wise to get a tattoo?
Tattoos are pretty much permanent. I know, i know there's lasers and all that. But by essence they are there for life. The question to ask is; is it wise, is it really God glorifying. Will it be a stumbling block? This last one, is definately something i'd have to consider if ever i changed my mind - being involved in Christian work, and probably a lot of supporters would disagree with my 'liberal' view on tattoos, it would not be wise for me as it would upset many Christians around me.
So wisdom is something to use when considering a tattoo.

I have friends with Christian verses tattood on them etc, And they look awesome and create great opportunity for them to talk to others about Jesus.

A Bible verse running the length of your arm, pretty much nails your colours to the mast . . .

Tattoos don't replace a lifestyle of devotion
When i wrote that last sentence I considered how for some younger Christians it may seem class to so obviously shout from their bodies about Christianity. We probably need to be careful in this, as with a lot of areas; that we do not give it a place above a lifestyle of devotion to Jesus.

Have a tattoo by all means but spend time with Him, in His word, praying and talking to Him. Live a life that is devoted to Him and wars against sin. Live as a Christian.