Football, Heartache & Hope

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I'm not into football, but i'm really enjoying the Euros. Cheering on N. Ireland with friends around was great (even though the team weren't really that good. In our house we cheer for Ireland, England & N. Ireland. And as the competition progresses we'll probably begin cheering for others as well.

Though the circumstances are heartbreaking, it was a huge thing yesterday to see the Irish fans sing at the 24th minute "stand up for the ulster men". For a country so divided that we saw years politically motivated of football violence the hope that moments like this gives towards a new future, or a better way forward is astounding.

Can this be built upon?
Or will it be forgotten in a weeks time at some riot?

This Ulster man, who is married to an Irish girl hopes for better, for more!
The realism in me wants to say that i know that we've no chance of things changing, the optimist leans toward hope.