Just Read

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I remember John Piper saying that there's no promise that you'll grow by reading the Bible, but that its guaranteed that you will not grow if you do not read the Bible.

I also remember sitting across a table (in Burger King) from Thabiti Anyabwile and him stating an obvious fact about devotions - the what to do is simple, if nothing else we have the Bible, read it.  But that it's the just doing it that is the problem.

In my own life I can see that when i neglect the Scriptures i don't just stagnate but go backwards, yet when I take time each day to even look into them a bit, the light of the Gospel of Christ shines through and excitement over Him begins to build.

So this post is a reminder to me to just pick up The BOOK, open it and read prayerfully asking to see Jesus and know Him more as a result of it.